Entire Farming Plant & Equipment Sale - $10000

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Clearing Sale Preliminary Notice A/c CR & JF Kalleske (details to be finalised shortly) PLANT FOR SALE TRACTORS Hrs./klms. Rego TM175 Ford FWA 18.4.46 duals 14.9.34 frnt. 4banks hyds. 3pl 642 CVP914 TW15 Ford FWA 24.5.32 rear; 14.9.28 frnt; 3pl 8251 8210 Ford w/- Maxima f.e.l.;dual hydraulic;23.1.30 rear; 11.00.16 frnt 6640 6700 Ford w/- Maxima f.e.l.; 18.4.34 rear 5909 ? Fordson Power Major [grey guards] LPV254 1840 Case Skid Steer, new tyres 8814 TRUCKS, TRAILERS & UTES International T2670 Tandem Tipper, locking diff; 9speed Road Range; 20ft drop side tray 426205 UYA117 Brentwood Eng. Roll tarp to suit Acco VT190 21' tray top; 13 spd.roadranger;lazy axle;locking diff. 497838 WBX925 prop International Tipper truck RJO373 Super Dog Tipper Trailer Hurricane 1995; MASS 6002 YDU175 Brentwood Eng. Roll tarp to suit 1979 Land cruiser ute Alum.tray SOV008 prop Freighter trailer 14'x7' Suzuki 185 Motor Bike 17683 km Kawasaki 100 Motor Bike 8x5 tandem trailer w/- stock crate TAC424 MACHINERY TILLAGE & SOWING Air-seeder. 30' Shearer 4-150w/- level wheels; Simplicity 3T in A frame box 28' Shearer 4-150 Wideline w/- light harrows 28 Plate Shearer Trail Disc w/- scalloped discs 24 Tyne Chamberlain Scarifier 24 row International A61 Triple Disc trash seeder,s/seed box,press wheels 40' Hyd.harrows Jet stream 5x1 Seed/Super unit, long trunks Light harrows SPRAY & FERTILISER SPREADING Hardi 5030 Navigator 30mtr.boom;triplet assebly;4 sec auto cutoff plus Co-Pilot GPS system Hardi Quick Mix and pump Silvan 200lt. 12v.spray pack Husky 3 Tonne chain Super Spreader twin spinner w/- motor HARVEST & HAY MAKING 1420 Inter Header 25' bat reel front Melrose pickup belt front to suit 25' John Deer PTO windrower 1431 New Holland 13' mower conditioner Schinckel 16 reel 'V' hay rake w/- 2reel splitter, hyd.lift + options [as new] Vicon 5 wheel hay rake 100 bag chaser bin w/- hyd.folding auger EQUIPMENT 13' Loxton slasher 40' rubber tyred roller Rockmaster Hyd. Post Hole Digger Bourne Stone Picker Challenge 250 Single tyne ripper [new] Howard 6 tyne 3pl ripper Jet stream 1000lt. Water cart w/- Honda pump AUGERS 40'X9" Vennings elec.winch,20hp Vanguard motor 34'x8" Jetsteam,Honda motor 15'x5" w/- 20'x5-1/2" Kimbel,[old] 10'x4" w/- 17'x4" w/- 13'x7" w/- CATTLE & SHEEP FEEDLOT & SHEARING EQUIP. New Holland 353 Hammermill/mixer C.I.A.Immobilizer Galv. Cattle crush w/- vet door swing arm neck bar to suit super scoop to suit XR3000 Tru test electronic weigh system Tru test 700 economy weigh scales 2 sets 600 Weigh Bars Peak Hill Crutching Plant w/- non backup lead-up race [as new] Arrow 4 unit rotary lamb marking cradle Towable 20 panel sheep yard and draft 2 bdls. Duragalv cattle rail 120x48x2mm. 6mt. Lengths [new] Lister shearing plant 2xSunbeam shearing plant Cooper portable shearing plant comp w/- motor & handpce. [antique] Sunbeam Elec.twin wool press single Ajax wool press wool table 12' sheep ramp Sheep weigh Cradle Magnus Cattle/sheep self feeder 2x Arrow sheep feeder 16 bags Kingsway transportable sheep feeder 28 bags 2x 20'x18" steel transportable cattle trough 1x 1.6tonne Polymaster Bulka Bins 2x Arrow cattle hay ring 2x loop side round cattle hay feeder 1x square loop hay feeder 4x Kingsway half-round sheep hay feeder 20 sheep grain feeding trays 4x complete 8x2'6" water Trough 2x 80"x28"high crete round water trough 2x 8'x28"high oblong station water trough 4x 16'x18" water trough 1x8' polymaster sheep water trough new woolpacks SILOS 2x 110 bag seed silo 1x140 bag " 1x 110 bag " 2x 100 " " 1x 45 " " 1x25 " " 1x 100 bag transportable 1x 10 tonne Eglington galv. Blowin pellet/fert. silo 2x 850 bag Eglington [as new] 2x 660 bag Macey 1x500 bag Sherwell 4x 100 bag silo kits [to weld] FIELD BINS 300 bag Sherwell w/- auger 280 bag " field bin 240 bag Ahrens 240 bag Sherwell 400 bag Eglington pop top [as new] 330 bag " [as new] 2x 360 bag Maceys 300 bag Cook 250 bag open top 400 bag open top Kingsway Welding [as new] 2x300 bag open top 2x bagging bins PLANT & TOOLS 2x 1000lt Petrol fuel tank 1x 1000 lt. O/h Diesel tank Oil Drum Pump Electrophone two way radios Jet stream Hot/cold pressure cleaner 12v Sunbeam fence charger. New Elec. Sunbeam fence charger. New bundle fibre glass posts other elec.fence sundries 9" Bosh Angle Grinder 16" Makita cut off saw Elec. Drills 3/8" and 1/2" host sundry tools Lincoln B/T 250 yellow welder PTO welder Trans Arc Welder 1 tonne chain pulley block Pulley kit 10 Tonne porta power large trolley Jack SUNDRIES 1.6 8X4 galv sheet 26G 8X4 galv sheet 4'6" star droppers Tarps Truck tyres R22.5 new and used large Thumper power pack Winches for truck load tie down Revolving lights rolls wire angle iron 80 lb railway iron large lengths 60 lb " H Iron s/h elec.poles Host timber [4 1/2, 5 1/2, 6x2, 4x2] 4-5"x8' creo posts 6-7"x8' " 40' Shed trusses gearbox for chaser bin 10/20' corg. Iron LIVESTOCK: (to be offered approx 1pm to 1.30pm, along with silo's and cattle crush) 150 1st x ewes, 06D, Jan 09 shn, Zapped, 374 Mo E, 05/06D, Aug shn, m &ts, zapped, tbd, 8 Suff. rams, 6 w/s rams, 5 alpaca wths. Host of sundries

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